What Swan Knew


Statement by MP Norman Fry 1

From Little Britain Season 3



MP (Member of Parliament) 英国国会議員


"I have a statement I would like to read
On Tuesday night, following a late meeting at party headquarters,
I decided to go for a relaxing drive through the King’s Cross area.
Whilst there, I saw a young Rastafarian gentleman on the side of the road.


As one of my constituents, I felt it my duty to stop and offer him a lift.

[constituents: 選挙区民]

During the journey, I pulled over into a nearby alleyway so that I could safely reach into glove compartment and take out a Murray Mint.

[Murray Mint: ミント味の飴。なぜここで笑うのか不明。]

At this point, I fell on top of him and, I regret to say, a part of my body accidentally entered him.
As far as I’m concerned, that is the end of the matter. Thank you."