What Swan Knew


The IT Crowd S1E2 Japanese Translator


What are you wearing size 5 shoes for, woman? You're at least an 8!
Eight? How dare you?!

That foot is completely mangled.

[mangle:押しつぶしてめちゃめちゃにする、to crush or twist something so that it is badly damaged]
And the other one's even worse.
You're not wearing these again.
But I threw away my other shoes, what am I supposed to wear?

[what am I supposed to do?]

Oh hi! Please thank Yamamoto San for this fine ceremonial sword.
It is a magnificent symbol of our new merger.
I am sorry that my gift a huge pair of Doc' Martins, is extremely thick and heavy sorts.
It's so poultry in comparison.
[poultry: 家禽類、鶏肉。chicken(つまんないもの)ってこと?]
Please rest assured that my cultural advisor will be fired as soon as this meeting is over.
These are very heavy shoes.
He feels like Godzilla!
Does he? Godzilla! Go on! Stamp your feet! Clap him man! Good! Oh yeah!
The Jap loves it! Go on! Break something! Put your weight into it!

[put one’s weight on: 重点を置く]この場合は、文字通り体重をかける

You *** idiot!! You stupid old ***.You ***  and your big *** shoes!

Oh you're not! You're nothing! But I *** .
I am so sorry, Denholm.

That was quite a tarring Jen. 

[tar: タール、タールを塗る、評判を傷つける]