What Swan Knew


Would you like fries with that?









パイロットになる夢に近づくため、空港内のファーストフード店Happy Burgerで働くTommy。

"Tommy is obsessed with planes. And it’s always been his dream to work in the aviation industry.
[be obsessed with…: …で頭がいっぱい、夢中]

I really really want to be a pilot. But I found out I have to have passed lots of exams.. tests to be one. So I’ve decided to do, instead is to get myself a job at the airport then work my way up to being a pilot.

I found it quite complicated, but now I served my first customer, I think I’m definitely on my way to becoming a pilot.

So next time you’re on a plane, listen out because you might hear a voice saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board, this is Captain Tommy speaking, “Would you like fries with that?”